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About Ballooning

For the majority of our passengers this will be their first balloon flight and we hope to deal with all your initial doubts:

Far from how it may at first seem, this activity, which brings you into direct contact with nature, is very relaxing.

What Happens

It is an active excursion which lasts a whole morning, beginning in the early morning (from 7.00a.m. in summer and from 9.00a.m. in winter) so as to avoid the maximum effects of the sun's heating of the atmosphere. It consists of a flight of more than an hour, followed by a typical lunch in one of the farmhouses which are characteristic of the area.

Finally, passengers receive a Diploma, signed by the pilot, certifying their participation in the flight.

Basic Rules

Passengers must, at all times, obey the pilot's instructions.

Passengers will help, when asked by the pilot, to inflate, and to gather up the balloon.

Smoking is not allowed during the flight.

Passengers will remain in the basket until the pilot indicates they may leave it.

Passengers are recommended to wear casual clothes which are not too new (preferably trousers rather than skirts), sports shoes or boots, and not to carry jewellery, purses or handbags, etc.

Passengers must understand all these requirements and will exonerate both the pilot and the company from any responsibility.


A balloon flight is the safest means of flying and all necessary precautions are taken to ensure that safety is preserved. The flights are only undertaken when meteorological and atmospheric conditions, and forecasts, are good. Experience: our company was the first to be set up in Spain specifically to offer passenger flights, eight years ago. We have highly qualified and experienced pilots, in order to offer you a safe and enjoyable flight. All of them possess valid credentials issued by the Dirección General de Aviación Civil (Spanish Civil Aviation Department), and their Pilot's Licence.

For those who wish to fly, there is no age limit.

All flights are undertaken in gentle wind conditions, allowing calm and enjoyable flights.

Insurance: Professional aerial company authorized by the Spanish Aviation Civil Authority NIF B59197236 Address: Bisbe Morgades núm.49-entresol-2a 08500 VIC (Barcelona) Spain Inscrita al Registre Mercantil de Barcelona, tom 21.175, foli 79, full núm. B-18014, inscripció 1a


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Balloon Adventures
Balloon Adventures
Balloon Adventures
Balloon Adventures
Balloon Adventures
Balloon Adventures

Balloon Adventures Barcelona

Come with us and discover a new world of sensations and visual pleasures blowing in the wind!

We invite you to share a real adventure with us, based on a new experience, a balloon flight. From the moment the inflation of the envelope begins until its repacking, after landing, the balloon flight will be an experience you will remember for the rest of your life.

We offer passenger flights in hot air balloons for individuals and groups. This consists of a flight over the area of Vic (Osona - Catalonia) or other areas of Catalonia (where such flights are permitted).

I have been on this flight and I highly recommend it.

Complete flight: This consists of a flight of some ninety minutes with the passengers distributed in one, two or three balloons. Meal and Diploma are included.

Type of activity: Active excursions where the clients actively participate in inflating and packing the balloon, and in flight planning.

Departure: Weekend morning according to the season. During the week for groups of 5 or more only. Throughout the year - prior reservation is necessary

Flight Time : 45 minutes to 1 1/4 hrs depending on the weather.

Duration: Full Morning

Flight start points: Vic (Osona - Barcelona), and throughout Catalonia. For other locations on request for groups.

Schedule: Early morning, the exact time depending on the time of year :7:00am - 9:00am- If you want accommodation the night before in the area please let us know..

Meeting point: Fixed a few days before the flight, upon confirmation of booking and return to the same point.

Clothes & equipment: Sportswear, sunglasses, caps, and photo/video cameras.

Adults € 195 pp

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