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Bike Tours in Catalonia


Baix Emporda

The Baix Empordà is an excellent place for discovering megalithic monuments set in very beautiful spots of the Gavarres and L'Ardenya hills, where Romanesque architecture is also present. The latter style can also be found in other buildings in the region.

But the most powerful imprint is that of Gothic architecture, in castles, walled towns and villages, churches, and so on. The conservation of our urban nuclei and their agricultural character has contributed to conserving, in turn, fine examples of our popular culture: the farmhouses and the fishing villages.

While Renaissance and Baroque architecture have little presence in our landscape in general, there are many interesting examples of Modernism, in factories, in the houses and buildings of the indianos, or in the casinos (the cafés that have traditionally served as social centres).

Multi Day Tour

According to our philosophy, one of the best ways to experience the world is to travel by bike or on foot. So slow down and cycle with us along the hidden backroads, experience cultural heritage Catalonia and climb the wild and rough peaks. We'll tell you where to stop to photograph wild orchids, when to visit a small parish church with beautiful frescos or how to find the nicest café serving the best cup of coffee. We organise our tours with passion, for active and involved cosmopolites who want to experience some of Europe's finest countryside at their own pace.

We guarantee you immediate, flexible service, as well as the possibility of arranging logistical support, to make your trip a perfect one. We have a vast network of enthusiastic and experienced service suppliers are available to us. They know who we are and what we want; they are eager to help us make your holiday a real experience. So take advantage of our regional expertise and let us do the organising, while you go out and enjoy the countryside!


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Bike Tours in Catalonia

Like the rest of the Mediterranean coast of the Iberian Peninsula, it was colonized by Ancient Greeks and Carthaginians and participated in the pre-Roman Iberian culture. With the rest of Iberia, it was part of the Roman Empire, followed by Visigothic rule. The northernmost part of Catalonia was briefly occupied by the Moorish (Muslim-ruled) al-Andalus in the eighth century, but after the defeat of Emir Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqiwas's troops in Tours in 732


Baix Emporda Route

8 Days Self Guided Tour

Gentle cycling tour through gently rolling terrain from the Sea into the green Catalonian countryside, dotted with Medieval villages.


La Garrotxa to Girona

5 Days Self Guided Tour

The ancient volcanic landscapes of La Garrotxa Natural Park and the gently undulating hills of the Old Catalonian countryside.

Catalonia Wine Bike 1

Wine Tours by Bike

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