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Sitges is a small city about close to Barcelona renowned for its Film Festival and Carnival. Between the hills and the sea, it is known for its much-frequented beaches, nightspots, historical sites and gay lief during the summer.

While the roots of Sitges' artsy reputation dates back to the late 19th century, when Catalan painter Santiago Rusinol took up residence there during the summer, the town really came into its own during the 1960s, when it was the only centre for the counterculture on the mainland of Spain (then still under the dictatorship of Franco), and became known as a sort of "Ibiza in miniature".


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Photography Tours

Gaudi Photo Course
Barcelona Thru the Lens

Join us in Barcelona for a photographic adventure in one of the most vibrant cities in Europe. A bustling contemporary metropolis filled with friendly people who have a passion for life. Barcelona is a city where people live outdoors. As you walk down Paseo de Gracia and Las Ramblas to Plaza Catalunya, you will photograph street performers, pet sellers, strolling locals and tourists.

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Tours to Sitges

Catalonia is the original heartland of the Catalan language, and remains the most important and largest territory where the language is spoken.

The territory that now constitutes the autonomous community of Catalonia in Spain, and the adjoining Catalan region of France, was first settled during the Middle Palaeolithic.

Like the rest of the Mediterranean coast of the Iberian Peninsula, it was colonized by Ancient Greeks and Carthaginians and participated in the pre-Roman Iberian culture. With the rest of Iberia, it was part of the Roman Empire, followed by Visigothic rule. The northernmost part of Catalonia was briefly occupied by the Moorish (Muslim-ruled) al-Andalus in the eighth century, but after the defeat of Emir Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqiwas's troops in Tours in 732

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Sitges Roof

Sitges & Tarragona

Scheduled Coach Tours

Combine a visit to Roman Tarragona and beachfront Sitges on a full-day small group tour by minivan from Barcelona. You'll travel in a comfortable air-conditioned minivan and receive individual attention from your expert tour guide.

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Tarragona and Sitges Small Group Day Trip from Barcelona

Duration: 10 1/2 hrs

Cost: $81.00 pp

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You'll travel back to the time of the ancient Romans at Tarragona, the Roman capital of the Iberian Peninsula. The days of Imperial Rome come alive when you retrace the footsteps of Roman gladiators, stand where their chariots raced by and walk across the magnificent Roman aqueduct. You'll also see Tarragona's Old Quarter, with its stunning cathedral.

Leaving Tarragona, you'll visit Roc de Sant Gaieta, a tiny Mediterranean-style village built on the rocky shoreline. Take a stroll among the town's mix of fishermen's houses and Seville-style patios, and enjoy views of the coast from a seaside bar.

Then it's on to Sitges to discover the authentic Mediterranean atmosphere of this old fisherman's village with its shady streets, traditional whitewashed fishermen's houses, 17 beaches and cosmopolitan bars, boutiques and restaurants.



Sitges Discovery

Private Guided Tour

Discover Sitges plus your choice of Tarragona, Veldes, home to Pablo Casals or an afternoon visiting the vineyards.

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Private Guided Tour to Sitges + Wine Country Option

Tour Code: MT-BCN-CAT-5
Departure: Daily (except holidays). Depart 9:00am
Duration: 8 hrs
Cost: 875 € up to 6 people

First you'll head to the nearby Penedès Wine Country with private guide, car and driver tovisit a wine or cava (local sparkling wine) cellar and learn the process of wine making and how it is lined to Spanish culture.

After that, we'll continue to Sitges and tour as above.

Torres Wine Visit Center

Sitges, Montserrat + Wine

Scheduled Tours

Visit three outstanding attractions on a full-day trip from Barcelona. You'll tour the famous Torres Winery, ride the rack railway to the top of Montserrat, pay a visit to Montserrat Monastery and relax by the beach at colorful Sitges. Best of all, this is a partially guided tour and you will have plenty of time to spend at your leisure at each attraction.

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Independent Day Trip to Montserrat, Torres Winery and Sitges

Duration: 11/2hrs

Cost: $87.00 pp

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First stop is the Torres Winery (Bodegas Torres), where you will take a tour to find out how Spanish wine is made. Then you'll continue to the Benedictine Monastery of Montserrat, founded in the 11th century. The Montserrat mountains provide a mystical backdrop for the Virgin of Montserrat, the patron saint of Catalonia, who is worshiped at the shrine in the monastery's Royal Basilica.

While at Montserrat, you'll ride to the top of the mountain on the rack railway for panoramic views, and enjoy the monastery's audiovisual presentation, Montserrat portes endins (history of Montserrat).

Next you'll travel to cosmopolitan Sitges, which was a meeting place for Modernist writers, musicians, critics, sculptors and painters in the 1980s, and was called the Mecca of Modernism.

At Sitges you can relax on the beach, stroll along the promenade and spend some time shopping. Your ticket includes discounts at numerous shops, restaurants and places of interest in Sitges.

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