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Mediterranean Cuisine

The Mediterranean cuisine has acquired, in recent years, international renown to an unprecedented extent. Many of our chefs have gained international acclaim and our culinary tradition is famous all over the world for its richness and variety. Besides that, our Mediterranean diet is considered to be especially healthy.

Furthermore, this well-deserved reputation of the Spanish gastronomy shared either by professionals or people who just enjoy the art of good eating - is in line with a rising tendency to regard cuisine as a distinctive element of culture. People traveling abroad are increasingly taking interest in gastronomy, since they understand it is an identity sign of the country's culture.

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Learn to Cook in Barcelona

The cuisine of the various regions of Spain make some of the world’s finest dishes. Rich in tradition and history (Arab, Jewish, Roman, Aztec, and many other cultures have all contributed methods and ingredients), it has an identity of its own. It is sensual yet simple, delicate but unpretentious, folklorist and innovative.

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Cooking Class

Barcelona Cooking Class

The basic class is a hands on class in English which will teach you about the basics of preparing and presenting Tapas

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Tour Code: MT-BCN-COOK-3
Tastings : Monday - Saturdays 11pm or 5pm
Duration: 3 1/2 hrs.
Cost: 79 €pp


Discover our cuisine and learn to cook genuine specialties of our gastronomy in a short space of time.

We begin with a guided tour to the market, where we buy part of the ingredients we'll use in the class. Our workshops are hands on usually take around 3 1/2 hours and are then followed by a complete meal composed by the menu prepared.

Classes are given in English and are intended for groups limited to 10 people.

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