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Antonio Gaudi

Gaudi's first works were designed in the style of gothic and traditional Catalan architectural modes, but he soon developed his own distinct sculptural style. French architect Eugene Viollet-le-Duc, who promoted an evolved form of gothic architecture, proved a major influence on Gaudi. But the student surpassed the master architect and contrived highly original designs irregular and fantastically intricate. Some of his greatest works, most notably La Sagrada Familia, have an almost hallucinatory power.

He integrated the parabolic arch, nature's organic shapes, and the fluidity of water into his architecture. While designing buildings, he observed the forces of gravity and related catenary principles. (Gaudi designed many of his arches upside down by hanging various weights on interconnected strings, using gravity to calculate catenaries for a natural curved arch.)

Using the Catalan trencadis technique, Gaudi often decorated surfaces with broken tiles.

The architect's work has been categorized as Art Nouveau architecture, a precursor to modern architecture. But his adoption of biomorphic shapes rather than orthogonal lines put him in a category unto himself.

Though hailed as a genius, some hypothesize that Gaudi was color blind and that it was only in collaboration with Josep Maria Jujol an architect twenty seven years his junior whom he acknowledged as a genius in his own right, that he produced his greatest works.

Gaudi's originality was at first ridiculed by his peers. Indeed, he was first only supported by the rich industrialist Eusebi Guell. His fellow citizens referred to the Casa Mila as La Pedrera ("the quarry"), and George Orwell, who stayed in Barcelona during the Spanish Civil War, admittedly loathed his work.

As time passed, though, his work became more famous, up to the point that he is now considered one of Catalonia's best and brightest.

Gaudi was an ardent Catholic and a fervent Catalan nationalist. (He was once arrested for speaking in Catalan in a situation deemed illegal by authorities.) In his later years, he abandoned secular work and devoted his life to Catholicism and his Sagrada Familia Soon after, his closest family and friends began to die. His works slowed to a halt, and his attitude changed. Perhaps one of his closest family members, his niece Rosa Egea, died in 1912, only to be followed by a "faithful collaborator, Francesc Berenguer Mestres" two years later. After both tragedies, Barcelona fell on hard times, economically. The construction of La Sagrada Familia slowed; the construction of La Colonia Guell ceased altogether. Four years later, Eusebi Guell, his patron, died

Sagrada Familia

He took charge of work on the Sagrada Familia in 1883, when work had already commenced on the crypt, and gradually he worked on the project more and more until he devoted himself entirely to the work in his last years. The church, which relates architecture to liturgy, was the result of constant meditation, calculation and trials which not only sought to produce innovation in building but also some form of far-reaching wisdom

Casa Mila

The Casa Mila, built by the architect between 1906 and 1910, and completed by an assistant two years later, is an apartment house made up of two parts, each with its own entrance, in the Paseo de Gracia and Provenza Street.

Gaudi Building
Gaudi Windows

Gaudi Tours in Barcelona

The high priest of modernist architecture, Antoni Gaudi, belongs to a distinguished line of creators who over the generations have endowed Barcelona with the world's most curious mixture of styles.


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The Best of Gaudi

Private Tour

The gaudi highlights with time to visit the extraordinary Parc Guel, La Pedrera and lunch at one of th most famous restaurant in Barcelona.

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Gaudi Highlights


Departures Mon-Sat at 9:00am
Duration: 4hrs
Price: Weekdays 250€  Weekends 280€
Includes: Licensed Private Guide and transfers by taxi (up to 3 clients per taxi)
Excludes: Entry Fees

We'll start at the famous unfinished Sagrada Familia Church (outside visit), the masterpiece of Gaudi. Next we'll continue to the Park Guell (inside visit), a failed project of a housing development, to enjoy its colorful ceramic artwork. We'll then continue to his apartment buildings: Casa Mila also known as Pedrera (inside visit), where we'll visit an apartment decorated with real antiques from the beginning of the 20th century and its spectacular rooftop towered by its amazing chimneys. We'll see how wealthy people lived at the turn of the century. Finally we walk over and see the Casa Batllo (outside visit) in the Block of Disagreement.

Gaudi Secrets & Stories


Departures Mon-Sat at 9:00am
Duration: 5hrs
Price: Weekdays 300€  Weekends 335€

Tour as above with entry into the Sagrada Familia

Your private guide will not bore you with long boring facts but entice you with stories and anecdotes about Gaudi and his milieu particularly the symbolism in the architecture. Your guide will answer the following questions

What does the snail on the side of the building show us?

Why are the gargoyles animals and not monsters?

What do the fruit on top of the spires?

What is the meaning of the the knot, the eagle, turtle, the snake, the sleeping dog

Why is there a square of numbers - what do they mean?

Who was the model for the trumpet angel?

What is the story of the foot with 6 toes?

La Pedera

Gaudi & Modernism

Scheduled 2hr Group Tour

Join a Barcelona Walking Tour of the Quadrat d'Or, or Golden Square, in the Eixample district. This is an exceptional area which became the focus of "modernist" Barcelona at the end of the 19th century.

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Walking Tour: Gothic Quarter Morning Walking Tour

Duration: 2hrs

Cost: $14.00 pp

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Gaudi is the city's most internationally renowned and emblematic architect. His buildings are a must-see attraction which leave everyone who sees them speechless with wonder.

Take a leisurely stroll through this neighborhood and admire the Catalan Art Nouveau buildings by celebrated architects such as Antoni Gaudi, Domenach I Mutaner and Puig I Cadafalch, to name just a few.

Your tour also includes 20% discount on admission to Casa Batllo, an exceptional modern masterpiece by Gaudi. This discount is valid for 1 year so you can visit at your leisure. Please note a visit to Casa Batllo is not part of this tour.

Tapas and wine tasting

Gaudi's Barcelona

Private Tour

See Barcelona through the eyes of Gaudi starting with his masterpiece buildings and then a walk through the ages with wine and tastings en route.

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Gaudi & the Sights and Flavors of the Barcelona


Departures Mon-Sat at 9:00am
Duration: 4hrs

Price: Weekdays 225€  Weekends 255€
Includes: Licensed Private Guide
Excludes the following gourmet stops: Glass of Cava at Boqueria Market + wine + 3 cheese tasting in a traditional cheese store (3€ pp per stop)

We'll start at his famous apartment building Casa Mila also known as Pedrera, where we'll visit an apartment decorated with real antiques from the beginning of the 20th century and its spectacular rooftop towered by its amazing chimneys. After that we'll continue to see the Casa Batllo in the Block of Disagreement.

We'll walk down the quiet Rambla Catalunya, and after crossing the Plaza Catalunya (Barcelona city center), we'll get in the famous lively Rambla, passing by the birds market and the flowers market.

After visiting the spectacular Boqueria food market we'll enter the Gothic Quarter to enjoy its churches such as Santa Maria del Pi and the Cathedral, charming squares like Sant Jaume and Placa del Rei, and narrow alleys.

The tour will finish with a nice lunch at the 4 Gats cafe, a meeting point of the bohemian artists of the early 20th century where a very young Picasso used to hang out.

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