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Picasso Museum

The Barcelona Picasso Museum clearly confirms the ties that unite Pablo Picasso with the city of Barcelona. He did not only finish a solid academic training here, but the artistic effervescence that he experienced in the city was the starting point that opened up for him the path to modernity. The museum has the most important and exhaustive collections of the works of Pablo Picasso's youth and education, in particular the ones he did between 1895 and 1904, the years in which the young artist lived in our city. The solid conventional academic training that the young Picasso received between 1891 and 1897 -under his father's tutelage- in the fine arts schools in La Coruna, Barcelona and Madrid, is well-represented by a range of work that shows the artist's mastery of his craft, as also is his foray into official competitions, which led to key work during the time of his training, such as First Communion (Barcelona, 1896) and Science and Charity (Barcelona, 1897). His links to Catalan Modernism and, in particular, to the artists and intellectuals that used to meet at the mythical tavern, Els Quatre Gats, are reflected in a series of works, chiefly in the portraits that he made of many regular customers. The Picasso Museum occupies five medieval palaces: Aguilar, Baro de Castellet, Meca, Casa Mauri, and Palau Finestres, which have been restored various times throughout the centuries. The restoration carried out in the eighteenth century by the Baron of Castellet in the palace that bears his name stands out. This was done in one of the halls on the main floor. Medieval elements still remain in the Aguilar and Finestres palaces, such as the painted beams in one of the rooms on the ground floor.

Miro Foundation

The Joan Miro Foundation Museum was set up on the initiative of Joan Miro thanks to the donations he made to his home town. Opened to the public in 1975, Miro conceived it as a living centre where students and the general public could become familiar with his work as well as with contemporary art trends. The permanent exhibition of a large part of the collection of Miro's work belonging to the Foundation provides a tour of the artist's creative production, from the earliest drawings, produced in 1901, to the large-format paintings of his last period. The work exhibited also speaks for the wealth and variety of Miro's universe, which includes a wide range of techniques such as painting, drawing, the graphic work, sculpture and tapestry. Josep Lluis Sert, a great friend of Miro, designed the building in an obviously Mediterranean style. He conceived it as a light and airy architectural structure, with its terraces overlooking the city, its interior patios and its combination of forms contributing to a harmonious relationship between architecture and the landscape.

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The Best of Gaudi

Private Tour

The gaudi highlights with time to visit the extraordinary Parc Guel, La Pedrera and lunch at one of th most famous restaurant in Barcelona.

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From 250€

Gaudi Highlights


Departures Mon-Sat at 9:00am
Duration: 4hrs
Price: Weekdays 250€  Weekends 280€
Includes: Licensed Private Guide and transfers by taxi (up to 3 clients per taxi)
Excludes: Entry Fees

We'll start at the famous unfinished Sagrada Familia Church (outside visit), the masterpiece of Gaudi. Next we'll continue to the Park Guell (inside visit), a failed project of a housing development, to enjoy its colorful ceramic artwork. We'll then continue to his apartment buildings: Casa Mila also known as Pedrera (inside visit), where we'll visit an apartment decorated with real antiques from the beginning of the 20th century and its spectacular rooftop towered by its amazing chimneys. We'll see how wealthy people lived at the turn of the century. Finally we walk over and see the Casa Batllo (outside visit) in the Block of Disagreement.

Dali Museum

Modern Masters

Private Tour

See Barcelona's Modern Masters. Miro, Dali, Picasso and Catalan artists

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From 250€

Modern Masters in Barcelona


Departures Mon-Sat at 9:00am
Duration: 4hrs
Price: Weekdays 250€  Weekends 280€
Includes: Licensed Private Guide and transfers by taxi (up to 3 clients per taxi)
Excludes: Entry Fees

You select the artists and and we'll arrange the tour

Egyptian Museum

ARQUEOticket Barcelona

5 Museums Ticket

The ARQUEOticket allows you to visit great 5 museums where you will travel back into the past of our civilization and of other civilizations and gain a greater understanding of the present.

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Duration: 8 1/2hrs

Cost: $62.00 pp

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Where can the most exclusive jewelry in Barcelona be found? At The Archaeology Museum of Catalonia you will find surprisingly modern necklaces which were used as ornaments in pre-history. You can also see the very latest in Greek and Roman earrings.

When did we first begin to tattoo ourselves? Decorating the body with tattoos was a common practice in pre-Hispanic America. This custom was related with religious or magic rituals and you will find it at the Barbier-Mueller Museum.

Is piercing a modern practice? Gods, men, women and animals had piercings in ancient Egypt. At The Egyptian Museum of Barcelona you will discover how modern this ancient civilization was.

How long has packaging existed? Some of the amphorae preserved in the Museu d'Historia de la Ciutat de Barcelona have inscriptions painted on the base of the neck or the handles. They are distant ancestors of today's logos, and they provided information about the producer, the type of wine.

How long has the all-seeing eye existed? Since time immemorial, the eye painted on the prow of a boat is the eye which sees all, warding off any danger that might be encountered. At The Maritime Museum of Barcelona you will discover a rich vein of maritime traditions and customs.

Your ARQUEOticket is valid until the end of the calendar year in which you purchased it.

Entrance to Barbier-Mueller Museum
Entrance to The Egyptian Museum of Barcelona
Entrance to The Maritime Museum of Barcelona
Entrance to The Archaeology Museum of Catalonia
Entrance to Museu d'Historia de la Ciutat de Barcelona

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