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The Romans

Legend attributes the Carthaginian foundation of Barcino to Hamilcar Barca, father of Hannibal. About 15 BC, Romans redrew the town as a castrum (a Roman military camp) centred on the "Mons Taber", a little hill nearby the contemporary city hall (Placa de Sant Jaume). The Roman Colonia Julia Augusta Faventia Paterna Barcino was outshone by the province's capital Tarragona but some important Roman remains are exposed under the Placa del Rei, entrance by the city museum, Museu d'Historia de la Ciutat and the typically Roman grid-planning is still visible today on the map of the historical centre, the Barri Gotic ("Gothic Quarter"). Some remaining fragments of the Roman walls have been incorporated in the cathedral butted up against them

Visigoths and Moors

The city was conquered by the Visigoths in the early 5th century, by the Moors in the early 8th century, reconquered from the emir in 801 by Charlemagne's son Louis who made Barcelona the seat of Carolingian "Spanish Marches" (Marca Hispanica), a buffer zone ruled by the Count of Barcelona. Barcelona was still a Christian frontier territory when it was sacked by Al-Mansur in 985.

Middle Ages

The counts of Barcelona became increasingly independent and expanded their territory to include all of Catalonia, later formed the Crown of Aragon who conquered many overseas possessions, ruling the western Mediterranean Sea with outlying territories as far as Athens in the 13th century. The forging of a dynastic link between the Crown of Aragon and Castile marked the beginning of Barcelona's decline.


The city was devastated after the Catalonian Republic of 1640 - 1652, and again during the War of the Spanish Succession in 1714. King Philip V of Spain demolished half of the merchants' quarter (La Ribera) to build a military citadel, as a way of both punishing and controlling the rebel city. Official use of Catalan language was forbidden, and the University withdrew.

Barcelona and the province of Catalonia were annexed by the French Empire of Napoleon after he invaded Spain and put his brother Joseph on the Spanish throne. It was returned to Spain after Napoleon's downfall.

19th Century

During the 19th century, Barcelona grew with the industrial revolution and the introduction of many new industries. During a period of weaker control by the Madrid authorities, the medieval walls were torn down and the citadel of La Ribera was converted into an urban park: the modern Parc de la Ciutadella, site of the 1888 "Universal Exposition" (World's Fair). The exposition also left behind the Arc de Triomf and the Museu de Zoologia (a building originally used during the fair as a cafe-restaurant). The fields that had surrounded the artificially constricted city became the Eixample ("extension"), a bustling modern city surrounding the old.

Famous people who have lived and worked in Barcelona include: Master Painters Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro, Salvador Dali, Antoni Tapies, Enrique Tabara, Eugenio Granell, Antonio Saura, Manolo Millares, Juan Villafuerte; Architect Antoni Gaudi.


Walking Tours

Expect the unexpected

Join us for walking tour and wander through one of the most exciting and vibrant cities in Europe.

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Fountain Show
Barcelona Evening

Join us for an evening of Flamenco and Tapas

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Dragon house
Dragon house
Old Roman Road
Bari Gottic
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Barcelona Sightseeing Tours

Barcelona is a city that is always reinventing itself. The wave of urban renewal leading up to the Olympic Games of 1992, which virtually changed the face of the city was but the latest step in a process that started when the Carthaginians and Romans settled here two thousand years ago.

The most famous modernist architect, Antoni Gaudi, belongs to a distinguished line of creators who over the generations have endowed Barcelona with the world's most curious mixture of styles. Fine food, fashion, opera, nightlife, street theatre, art... Barcelona is all of this and more, a city that holds surprises for everyone.

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Plaza Espagna

Coach Tours

Half and Full Day Options

Spend the day seeing the highlights of the city including the monuments and buildings created by Spain's most famous artists - Gaudi and Picasso.

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From $51.00

Half Day City Highlights

Duration: 3 1/2hrs

Cost: $51.00 pp

Itinerary Details & Secure Online Booking

Discover the exuberance and beauty of Barcelona on a 3.5-hour morning tour of this exquisite Catalan city. Perfect for first-time visitors, this morning tour is the ideal introduction to Barcelona's famous sights, leaving you with the afternoon free to explore the city at your leisure.

Highlights on your morning sightseeing tour of Barcelona's attractions include:

Visiting Barcelona's Cathedral and its cloister filled with geese
Touring the magical Gothic Quarter
Plaza Sant Jaume (Generalitat and Town Hall)
Villa Olimpica, home to athletes during the Olympics
Walking tour of Port Olimpi
Panoramic views of the city and harbor from Montjuic
Visit to the Poble Espanyol (Spanish Village) to see typical regional architecture and taste Catalan cava, the renowned local sparkling wine
Hard Rock Cafe (meal not included in tour cost)

Full Day City Highlights

Duration: 8hrs

Cost: $132.00 pp

Itinerary Details & Secure Online Booking

Start your morning tour with a stroll through Plaza de Catalunya, considered to be the centre of the city. The plaza is known for its many fountains and statues. 

Wander the narrow medieval streets of the Gothic Quarter where you will find many buildings dating from the 15th century including the Barcelona Cathedral. Continue to Plaza Sant Jaume where the important government buildings are located, including the Palace of Generalitat and the Town Hall.

Continue to the Villa Olimpica (home to athletes during the Olympics) and the Port Olimpic , which you will tour on foot. Afterwards you will ascend Montjuich Mountain, offering a panoramic view of the city and harbor. Tour the Olympic Stadium, Palau Sant Jordi and Calatrava Tower.

Visit the Poble Espanyol (Spanish Village) which reproduces the most typical regional architectural styles in Spain. Here you will also be able to taste Catalan Cava, the renowned local sparkling wine.

After lunch, you will begin your artistic journey through the city. Start along Paseo de Gracia to see Gaudi's famous apartment buildings including Casa Batllo and La Pedrera; then enjoy a 30 minute visit at Gaudi's bizarre Parc Guell which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Continue to the La Sagrada Familia (Holy Family) Cathedral, Gaudi's unfinished masterpiece which is Barcelona's most famous landmark.

Visit Barcelona's Monumental Bull Ring and the famous Cathedral Sta Maria del Mar, the only gothic church in Catalonia completely finished. The tour ends near the Picasso Museum which exhibits works from the blue and pink periods of the world-famous painter.

Parc Guel

Art of the City Tour

Scheduled Group Tour

Discover fabulous architecture by the incomparable Antoni Gaudi on an afternoon tour of Artistic Barcelona. You will visit the UNESCO-listed Parc Guell on this half-day tour, plus Barcelona's most famous landmark, La Sagrada Familia.

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From $51.00

Half Day Art & Architectural Highlights

Duration: 3 1/2hrs

Cost: $51.00 pp

Itinerary Details & Secure Online Booking

Your cultural tour of Barcelona begins along Paseo de Gracia to see Gaudi's famous apartment buildings, Casa Batllo and La Pedrera. You'll then enjoy a 30-minute visit at Gaudi's bizarre Parc Guell, which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Then it's on to Gaudi's unfinished masterpiece, La Sagrada Familia (Holy Family) Cathedral, Barcelona's most famous landmark. You will have around 30 minutes to explore this notable structure.

You will also visit Barcelona's Monumental Bull Ring and the famous Cathedral Santa Maria del Mar, the only Gothic church in Catalonia completely finished. The tour ends near the Picasso Museum which exhibits works from the world-famous painter’s delightful blue and pink periods (ticket not included).


Private Car Tour

City Orientation

See the highlights and then explore on your own or if you have have an airport stop over this is perfect way to see the city.

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City Highlights


Departures Daily
Duration: 4hrs
Price: From 235€ per car
Includes: Car and Driver

Your Private English-Speaking Chauffeur will pick you up from your hotel or cruise ship port. You will E enjoy a panoramic tour of Barcelona's important monuments. Visit the Sagrada Familia Church ( You will have some time to visit on your own) and driving by Colon Avenue, past the Columbus monument and the famous promenade La Rambla to reach the heart of the city at Catalunya Square. From there, continue along Passeig de Gracia, the best-known boulevard in town and where Gaudi's masterpieces are found: La Casa Batllo, Casa Ametller, Casa Lleo Moreno and La Pedrera (Casa Mila). Your chauffeur will take you to your Hotel or cruise ship and say the final goodbye.

Parc Guel

Hop On Hop Off Bus

City Tour

See the highlights and then explore on your own or if you have have an airport stop over this is perfect way to see the city.

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